Commitment to sustainable development earns international recognition

On March 30, 2007, the Declaration of the Communicators and Public Relations Professionals of Quebec on Sustainable Development was granted international status at an official ceremony organized by the UN News and Media Division at the organization's headquarters in New York. Hailing the initiative as a first, Ahmad Fawzi, its director, declared:

“We applaud this commitment; it sets out the essential role of communicators in enhancing values that advance sustainable development in all spheres of society. We hope this broad-based initiative from Québec’s professional community will serve as a catalyst and will provide a model for the communications community that can be used around the world”.

Ahmad Fawzi, directeur, division de l'information et des médias, Nations Unies.

Collinet Finjap Njinga, UN Chief of Meetings Coverage Section of the Press Service; Solange Tremblay, Associate Professor and Director, Centre for the Study of Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Ethics, Chair in Public Relations - UQAM; Danielle Maisonneuve, Professor, Department of Social and Public Communications and holder of UQAM’s Chair in Public Relations; Ahmad Fawzi, UN Director of News and Media Division.

(Photo : Devra Berkowitz/UN Photo)